Who We Are
Passionate Garage Geeks

NexGen Energy is a privately held, family owned business located in rural Minnesota. We have over ten years of research and development in energy efficient heating methods. We believe that geothermal should be the standard heating and cooling method and we're on a mission to make it possible for anyone!

innovative geothermall solution

save with easy geothermal install

Why We Exist
Reinventing Geothermal

NexGen Energy is committed to innovative solutions that help regular people save money and heat their homes more efficiently. We believe that our self-driving loop installation technology will make geothermal installation possible in locations where homeowners have been historically limited to burning fossil fuels.

How We're Different
No More Mess

The NexGen Energy self-driving loops are installed through a small hole in your basement floor right next to your heat pump. This means no trenching, digging, or drilling in your yard. We're not interested in landscaping or repairing your beautiful lawn, so we stick to what we know best: geothermal.

no digging or mess loop installation