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NexGen Energy Introduces Detachable Loop Hammer

Our revolutionary loop installation system that can fit down your stairs and into your basement just got better!  Our engineers took to the drawing board and designed a fitting that would allow us to remove the hammer from the rest of the loop.

There are two main benefits to this design change.

First, the loop assembly can now be handled by one person.  The original system included a loop of HDPE pipe on a large reel that was attached to the loop hammer (jackhammer in a tube).  The whole assembly was easy to maneuver for two people, but the goal was to make it easy enough for one person to manage.  The wait is over.  The entire system can fit in the bed of a pickup truck and carried safely into the home by a single installer.  The hammer is the heaviest piece of system and removing it from the loop allows for safe transport and handling.

Detachable Loop Installation Hammer

The second advantage is that we can now offer different types of hammers depending on the job site.  We are currently testing a second hammer design that has not made its public yet, and the first to know will be our newsletter subscribers (sign up here)!  Advancements like this are great news for both homeowners and contractors.

Our vision is to equip contractors with this technology and the ability to separate the hammer and the loop is a big step toward that vision.


If you are an HVAC professional that would like more information about the NexGen Energy geothermal loop installation system, here are a few ways to get in touch with us:

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