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Geothermal Installations on Small Lots

No Land, No Problem!

Traditional geothermal systems that use a horizontal loop field require a large amount of open land that can be excavated or trenched in order to lay out the geothermal loops.  This has been a severely limiting factor in helping geothermal growth in urban environments.  Well drillers have solved some of these issues and have allowed installations in tighter spaces by using vertical wells.  This is a great advancement for the industry and helps make geothermal a viable option for even more people.

NexGen Energy is focused on pushing this envelope even further.  By starting the install through the concrete slab in the basement, or lowest level of the home, the land requirements nearly disappear.  As long as you own the property, the loops can be distributed throughout the lot.  Even a small residential lot can accommodate these innovative loops.


The loop field uses a radial-array pattern that starts in a convenient location, which is typically near the existing HVAC system.  For new construction, the process is even easier!  The radial loops allow heat to be transferred from much farther away and reduces the risk of freezing the ground around the loops that many horizontal (slinky) fields are prone to encountering.  Vertical wells must also avoid this problem by drilling the wells far enough apart.  Finding a single location on a small lot might not be a problem, but spreading out four or five wells presents a much larger challenge.

NexGen Energy believes that this self-driving radial array technology will allow geothermal to go where it has never gone before!  Please let us know if you are seeking a more energy-efficient, renewable future within the confines of a city, and we can show you how a geothermal system would work in your home!


NexGen Energy’s self-driving loop technology is allowing ground-source heating applications to be installed almost anywhere!  Please visit our website or join the discussion on Facebook.  You can also leave a comment on this post if you have any thoughts or question