Proven Process

The NexGen Energy Proven Process is the method that we developed to successfully install a geothermal loop field with no heavy equipment. This animation walks though every step of the process and gives you an inside look at how the system works! Our propietary loop hammer is powered by compressed air and it operated by an electronic control system. The slim design allows us to install the loops in much tighter spaces!


One of the biggest benefits of our installation system is that we can even install systems in the winter when the ground outside is frozen solid. This video walks through a loop installation in Minnesota in the middle on January! The ground under your home does not freeze during the winter and this allows us to do year-round installations.

Loop Field

The radial array loop field for the system is sized by analzing the current heating needs of your home. Our self-driving ground source loops are installed using NexGen Energy's specialized equipment. The installation is incredibly clean and only requires a 12-inch diameter hole in the floor of your basement. This is the most unique aspect of the system and allows our system to be installed almost anywhere!

Extending the loops away from the central manifold in all directions allows the heat stored in the ground to be collecting from a much larger area. A hoizonal "slinky" style field will typically overlap the loops, which can cause the ground to freeze since the heat is only being pulled from a much smaller area.

loop field installation in basement

radial array loop field installation

System Components

The heat pump is used to transfer the heat from the house to the ground and back again. This is installed in place of your current central air system, allowing you to get rid of that ugly A/C unit on the side of your home. The system can even utilize your existing furnace to provide air circulation in the home as well as a source of dual fuel heat for the "Off Peak" electrical discounts if you prefer.

The new heat pump uses electricity to do its job. The electrical system used for your current A/C unit can be used to run the heat pump. The pump can also be controlled by a utility off-peak load management device that allows you to receive reduced cost electricity to run the heat pump.

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